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Gaziantep, one of the oldest settlements in the world, is the sixth largest city of Turkey and first largest city of South-eastern Anatolia Region, with its population, economic structure, tourism potential and metropolitan municipality. Gaziantep, carrying the imprints of Chalcolithic and Neolithic ages, Hittite, Assyrian, Persian civilizations, Alexander the Great, Seleucid, Roman, Byzantine empires, Islamic, Turkish-Islamic and Ottoman periods, is home to works of art belonging to all of these ages, civilizations, empires and states.

Gaziantep and its environs, invaded by English and French after World War I, evoked admiration in the world with its extraordinary defence mechanism and heroism. Accordingly, Turkish Grand National Assembly awarded the city with the title of "Gazi" (veteran) in February 8, 2012. Its location between the Mesopotamia, the birth place of first civilisation, and the Mediterranean; its strategic position at the crossroad of roads leading to the east, north and east and historical Silk Road passing through the city have influenced the history of civilisations and shaped the present besides making the city a cultural and commercial centre in every period.

The location of Gaziantep on the Silk Road, the road of tradesmen, wise men, ideas, religions and cultures, starting from China and leading to Europe, laid the foundations for productivity and commercial ability of the city, which is the gate of Silk Road opening to Anatolia. Gaziantep is an industrial and commercial centre where all products of Eastern and South-eastern Anatolia Regions are processed and marketed. With its five organized industrial zones, various industrial fields, small scale industry facilities, free zone, geopolitical location and proximity to port cities, Gaziantep stands on a crucial point in terms of Turkish industry and trade. Geographically the city is the entrance gate and centre of South-eastern Anatolia Project with its industrial and commercial potential; while economically influencing neighbouring cities, it also houses various investments made in the field of tourism.


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