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The General Secretariat is responsible for managing all the work within the frame of tasks assigned by the Assembly and Board of the Chamber.Both Secretary General being the highest supervisor of the Chamber and Deputy General Secretaries who are second-degree responsibles of administration of the Chamber belongs to the General Secretariat.


All units in the organization of the Chamber along with their staff and are responsible and report to the Secretary General. Deputy Secretary Generals serve as coordinators for the tasks assigned by the Board and they are accountable for both their own units and all the others in absense of the General Secretary.


General Secretariat Directorate of Registration Directorate of Accounting Directorate of Industry Directorate of Commerce Directorate of TIR-ATA Carnets Directorate of Small Business And Foreing Affairs IT Services Department Human Resources And Procurement Department Exibitions And Tourism Department Quality And Vocational Training Department Communication Publication Public Relations Unit

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