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With its historical, cultural and local richness, culinary culture, border town characteristic, private and public sector investments and universities, Gaziantep bears an important efficiency in terms of tourism. In parallel with the economic development of the city, industrial tourism is in demand nowadays. However, Gaziantep tries hard to be an important tourism destination with its cultural potential besides industrial tourism.

In this regard, "industrial tourism", "culture tourism", "health tourism", "congress and fair tourism", "gastronomy tourism" and "university tourism" are the main tourism models in Gaziantep. Institutions and corporations of Gaziantep contribute to the development of culture, arts and tourism besides development of industry and trade. In this context, local administrations, Professional chambers, institutions and companies have put their signatures under various studies on tourism.

As a result of such studies, the cultural texture of Gaziantep rejuvenates; the number of museums and accommodation facilities increases day by day; the number fair and congress organisations increases; and transportation facilities enhance. Moreover, the city is on the way to be a diplomatic centre with official consulates of Syria and Iraq and many honorary consulates.




 Accomodation Facilities with Tourism Operation License


 Type of the Facility


 Number of facilities


 Number of rooms


 Number of beds

 5 Star Hotels




 4 Star Hotels




 3 Star Hotels




 2 Star Hotels




 Boutique Hotel




 Country House




Practice Hotel













Accomodation facility with License of Municipality



 Type of the Facility

Number of facilities

Number of rooms

Number of beds

 1st Class Hotel




 2nd Class Hotel




 Boutique Hotel



























 Name of the museum


 Affiliated Institution


 Number of Visitors (2011)

 Zeugma Mosaic Museum

 Ministry of Culture and Tourism


 Archaeology Museum

 Ministry of Culture and Tourism


 Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum

 Ministry of Culture and Tourism


 Yesemek Open Air Museum

 Ministry of Culture and Tourism


 Mevlevi Museum

 General Directorate for Foundations


 Gaziantep Cultural History Museum

 Gaziantep University


 Gaziantep Defence Museum

 Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality


 City Museum

 Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality


 Emine Gogus Museum of Cuisine

 Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality


 War Museum

 Sahinbey Municipality


 Copperwork Museum



 Medusa Glass Museum




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Even though Gaziantep is associated with baklava and pistachio, the city itself has a very important place with its historical and touristic structure in Turkey. Historical and touristic places such as Fountains, hans, museums, churches, temples, mosques, historical graveyards, castles, bazaars are waiting for people to visit and see.


There are 12 museums in Gaziantep. In addition to these museums, there are many museums to be built including the Toy Museum which will be built within the concept of Sunay Akin's dream who opens the first Toy Museum in Turkey.  Gaziantep has become very famous in the world with the Zeugma Mosaic Museum which has the mosaics excavated from the Ancient City of Zeugma and the city has the potential to be called as the `city of museums` with the already existing museums and museums to be opened.


During your visit in Gaziantep, you can enjoy the food which has the unique taste and you can visit special places which will create wonderful moments for you. These places will sometimes take you  back to thousand years ago, and sometimes will let you meet with the real world.


For a pleasant visit in Gaziantep


Don't forget to visit;


Park Antep Entertainment Center;


Botanical Garden,

Planet House,

District of Bey,

Coppersmith Bazaar,

And other museums


Name of the museum  Affiliated Institution            Number of Visitors (2011)
Zeugma Mosaic Museum Ministry of Culture and Tourism 79.311
Archaeology Museum Ministry of Culture and Tourism 13.803

Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum

Hasan Süzer Museum

Ministry of Culture and Tourism 8.609
Yesemek Open Air Museum Ministry of Culture and Tourism 5.644
Mevlevi Museum General Directorate for Foundations 35.103
Gaziantep Cultural History Museum Gaziantep University 25.000
Gaziantep Defence Museum Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality 129.130
City Museum Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality 26.178
Emine Gogus Museum of Cuisine Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality 82.942
War Museum Sahinbey Municipality 205.406
Copperwork Museum Private 1.000
Medusa Glass Museum Private 48.000


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