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Gaziantep is a center where many civilizations lived since the city is located on the intersection point of Mesopotamia and Mediterranean region. Gaziantep is on the historical Silk Road and has been a very important gateway. For land transport, the city is located on the center of roads from north to south and east to west and also situated on the entrance of GAP region.


Railway system in Gaziantep connects Narli station of Adana-Malatya railway, Aleppo-Bagdad Railway and Karkamis-Cerablus station. In addition to this, Aleppo Express which goes through Fevzipasa gets in to Syria from the border gate in Islahiye which is a district of Gaziantep.


Gaziantep is connected by highways to Adana and Mersin through Osmaniye, and through Birecik Bridge to Sanlıurfa, through Narlı to Kahramanmaras, through Fevzipasa to Hayat, through Besni to Adıyaman. All these highways creates an intersection for Gaziantep which can be seen as a strategic point in transportation.


There are daily scheduled flights from Gaziantep International Airport. Daily Scheduled Flights are available to Ankara and İstanbul every day and in certain days of the week; there are flights to other cities of Turkey. Customs transactions can be completed for the incoming and outgoing flights from foreign countries. Gaziantep International Oguzeli Airport is located 20 km. away from the center of Gaziantep.  The transportation to airport from city center is possible through services of Turkish Airlines and other Airline Companies and taxis as well.


There are 3391 km. highway network in Gaziantep.  73km of that is freeway, 487 km is city and government Road and 2831 km is village road. The transportation in Gaziantep is provided by bus, dolmus and taxis.


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