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 Turkish company located in Bursa, specialized in supplying paper products seeks commercial partners overseas for distribution cooperation via a distri ....   We'd like to inform you that we're the manufacturer in the awning sector since actually since 1980's meantime renewal by 2010, located Istanbul hav ....  We are Clarke's Dried Fruit Export Commerce and Industry Ltd which is located in İzmir/Turkey, founded in 1946, producing under BRC technical standards ....  Turkish company located in Kayseri, specialized in manufacturing paper products seeks partners overseas for distribution cooperation via a distributio ....  ServoSteel Machine its headquarters and main factory are located in Dudullu Des Sanayi, in the most highly industrialized area in İstanbul/Turkey, wi ....  Our factory is in Cigli Organized Industrial Zone (Izmir, Turkey); Stainless steel plates can be used in interior, exterior, roof and column coverings ....  We are a Turkish company, located in Corum, founded in 2007, 75 employees, producer of Tortilla (Lavash) Bread, would like to export the following pro ....  We, as GÖZDE Flour mill, are manufacturer of wheat flour in MANİSA TURGUTLU, Turkey since 1991. Our products are produced with good quality wheat un ....  Turkish company, located in Ankara, founded in 2013, 60 employees, leading provider of filters for all kind of working machine, equipment, and automot ....  As SPC Anadolu Co. and UN AMOUR PLATONIQUE brand, we are servicing confectionery specially chocolates and delights to our partners. We have unique a ....

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