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Right to Information Act

Right to Information Act

The Right to Information Law published in the Official Gazette numbered 25269 on October 24, 2003, and the Regulation Regarding the Implementation of the Right to Information Law published in the Official Gazette numbered 25445 on April 27, 2004, along with their related applications, were detailed to regulate the application procedures and methods for requests made within the framework of this Law. According to this regulation:

Application Procedure:

Requests for obtaining information, submitted by both individuals and legal entities, should be made to the information units of the relevant institutions and organizations where the requested information or document is located, through a petition containing the name and address of the applicant for individuals and the title and address of the legal entity, along with the authorization document for legal entities.


Applications via Electronic Means:

Applications made through electronic mail are conducted by filling out the relevant forms published on the institution's website, specifying the applicant's name, surname, address, and Turkish ID number.


Nature of the Requested Information or Documents:

Requests for Information Disclosure should relate to documents held or should be held by the applied institutions and organizations. However, it is essential that the process of accessing the requested information or documents does not disrupt the daily operations of the institution or organization and does not impose an unreasonable burden.


Published or Publicly Disclosed Information and Documents:

Published or publicly disclosed information and documents through means such as publications, brochures, advertisements, etc., by institutions and organizations cannot be subject to information disclosure requests.


Prohibition of Publishing Information and Documents:

According to the Regulation, press organizations cannot reproduce or use information and documents accessed in accordance with the procedures and principles specified in the Law and Regulation for commercial purposes. Information and documents cannot be published without obtaining permission from the providing institution or organization.


Acceptance, Evaluation, and Processing of Applications:

It is essential for the application petitions to be made in compliance with the law for them to be accepted. In order to complete the petition accurately, assistance is provided by the information officer in the institutions and organizations. For applications made through electronic means, after verifying the Turkish ID number, the petition is processed.


Assistance to Applicants:

Officials responsible in the Information Disclosure unit are obligated to assist and guide the applicant in utilizing their rights during the application process.